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About Us

We are a Clinical Lab specializing in DNA Testing. Scientific advances in genomic medicine is enabling us to not only diagnose earlier, but also treat them more precisely. This in turn allows us to predict health risks more accurately and achieve personalized medicine plans, both from a holistic regimen or a traditional one. This ultimately creates a very personalized medicine plan for each one of us.

We at Rhea Labs see the value of everyone having access to their DNA and the power that holds for each of us to create epic health! We are at the dawn of a new era in personalized medicine that allows better treatment and diagnose through analysis, profiling, and access to your DNA.

We help people get life changing information about how their DNA can profoundly affect the results they get from using cannabis products, hemp products, and prescription drugs

Our Mission

Our Mission is to impact lives in a positive way by empowering others through various specialized DNA tests. This will allow them to create personalized health results. Our laboratory tests have an emphasis on Women’s Health Issues, because …..our CEO and owner is mother to five and Nana to three, she has put her own health at the bottom of the list more times that she can count. Now with personalized DNA results, we are able to diagnose and treat in a far more efficient and simple manner which arms women all over the globe with knowledge and power to make better choices in their health. Our goal for 2020 is to give away 10,000 CBD DNA test kits to women across the nation, who have, or are experiencing cancer. We at Rhea Labs are creating “Better Living Through DNA Testing”.

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